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It's not easy being GREEN!

We believe dining and catering can be delicious and entertaining without having a negative impact on the environment.

We also know it can be a lot of work to decide which products to use and how to actually become more sustainable in your everyday life, that’s why we’ve done the research for you. When you order from Extra Thyme, you know that you are lessening your impact on our environment. Everyone has to eat and most of us have to eat on-the-go; now you can do so in good conscience! 

How we are working to become more environmentally conscious:

  • All of our catering trays and bowls are re-usable and recyclable and all of our disposable tableware is recyclable.
  • Whenever possible we buy products made out of recycled materials and manufactured in the USA.
  • If you are within a short drive** of our kitchen (or by special arrangement) we can easily use re-usable baskets, bowls, trays and tableware for your meetings and pick them up again.
  • For Hot food we use recyclable hot boxes or green-certified sterno to keep food hot.
  • We use phosphate-free dish soap and hand soap.
  • Low-flow faucets and sprayers have been installed on all of our sinks.
  • We have removed Styrofoam packaging from our store and have found equivalent products that are recyclable or compostable to replace nearly all of our polystyrene (#6) plastic disposable catering products and utensils.
  • We ask before we include disposable plates, utensils, etc. Many locations already have these items stocked in their own kitchens or they have their own re-usable tableware, so we aren’t sending things that immediately get thrown away or forgotten in a cabinet somewhere.
  • In our corporate dining café we have eliminated all individual condiment and seasoning packets and converted to refillable dispensers, bottles and canisters. We also have composting bins and single-stream recycling!
  • We buy natural and organic products as much as possible and are working to source more local products. We buy local produce in season and we buy as many products in bulk as we can.
  • We never, ever, ever deep-fry! This is not only healthier for you, but we have no grease or oil to dispose of. We cook bacon in the oven and that grease goes to the commercial composting facility.
  • I share as much information on sustainable products and practices as people can stand (sometimes more!).
  • With the business and personally I support groups that work to support clean water, wildlife & green space preservation, and local agriculture. I also encourage employees and customers to participate in activities that support these efforts.

We have nearly succeeded in removing anything you can’t EAT, RE-USE, RECYCLE or COMPOST. At the end of even the busiest day we have less than a 3-gallon bucket of trash that goes to the landfill! I am more than happy to share any experiences or research found while trying to lighten our environmental impact.